This blog is where I’ll be documenting the development of my latest project – Sacred Soundscapes.

This project will focus on how sacred sounds and music fit in to the context of Singapore’s contemporary soundscape. The term soundscape can be defined as the entire acoustic environment inclusive of all noises, natural, human and technological sounds. (Carlyle & Cusack. 2009: 09) I am interested in how sacred sounds and music can be understood as a wider part of a location’s soundscape; trying to understand them in relation to the other sounds that inhabit the environments they are found in. I want to discover what people consider to be the sacred elements of the soundscapes they experience today: Do these sounds originate from a religious context, from nature’s orchestra, from their mother tongues?

Sacred Soundscapes is an extension of my previous project, Sonorous City, which explored the relationship between the soundscape and how people perceived the urban environment of London.

This project will be realised as an audio-visual installation at Esplanade Tunnel Link, Singapore.

The show will run between 9th April – May 2nd 2010, leading up to A Tapestry of Sacred Music festival taking place at the Esplanade between 22nd – 25th April 2010.

Please follow this blog for regular updates.


Carlyle, A. & Cusack, P. (2009) The Art of Soundscape in: Sound Escape, Electra Publishing ltd


2 Responses to “Introduction”

  1. All artwork and recordings are very impressive! Best of luck with the show!

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