Initial Ideas

My initial response to the space is to utilise and enhance the feeling of being underground. In relation to the conceptual focus of my project, I thought that the Tunnel could be transformed in to some kind of tomb for the sacred sounds; a space where the spirit of these sounds can exist eternally, after their time within our world has come to an end. I want to respond to the pillars somehow, perhaps creating new hollow pillars and projecting from inside the structure. The pillars could become a sacred banyan tree…

It is important that the experience of the Tunnel becomes immersive. Ideally I’d love to be able to darken the space alot. However, due to the nature of it being a public space I will not be able to do so. Instead I will try and maximise the spread of light from the projectors using mirrors (as seen in the image below), and then darken the other lights that are present. Using the mirror in such a way is just something I want to experiment with at this stage, and I’m unsure how successful it will be. I thought about creating some kind of sculptural object to be housed within the hollow pillar to create interesting silhouettes and reflections.

Hopefully I will be able to test this idea next week. During my research in to using convex mirrors in interesting ways, I came across an installation piece entitled “Feather Fountain” (2009) by Daniel Wurtzel:

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