Test: late night Tunneling

For the first test day I wanted to test reflecting projected images in convex mirrors. This proved unsuccessful due to size of the mirrors available, so instead I began experimenting with projecting on different forms within the space.

This created some interesting results, and now I’m thinking of projecting directly on to the pillars for the final installation. With a projector either side, the pillar can be completely surrounded with moving image, which could be interesting if executed well.

Since the projectors need to be roughly 6m away from the pillars to cover its verticle length, there is a fair amount of spill either side of the pillar. Instead of trying to crop the projected image, I want to work with this extra spill as it highlights different portions of the space, elongating and distorting the image on the wall, ceiling and floor.

Perhaps this will create a more interesting dialogue between the work, the space, and the people experiencing it – e.g. I could use the silhouettes created by the audience in a meaingful way.


2 Responses to “Test: late night Tunneling”

  1. Hazel McIntosh Says:

    Wow this looks really beautiful. What a good use of the space and architecture. Brilliant BZTM. xx

  2. Thanks! I’ll be trying out some more ideas this friday, will post the results here!

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