Test: late night Tunneling (part 2)

This would be my last day of testing, so there were many things that I’d planned to resolve and experiment with on this final night.

In order to move closer to my final approach of using the space, I needed to test how effective using a projector either side of the pillar would be.

I was quite pleased with the results. Although the projected image didn’t fall where I’d planned, I quite liked the spill on the floor, since different parts of the image became visible depending on the point you were looking at it from.

I created a coloured grid image to roughly measure the amount of spill of projected light around the pillar. This will be useful to me later when composing the visual element of the final work.

Since, I know roughly where parts of a projected image will fall (e.g. dark blue, yellow, pink and green will hit the pillar), I could potentially create different image sequences to fall on different parts of the space within a single projection.

I prepared different sets of recorded sounds to loop for testing also. Since there were 6 sets of speakers, I thought it might be interesting to create a psuedo-surround effect. My thinking was if I loop 6 different CDs, syncing them roughly, it would be possible to create a more interesting and coherent aural experience of a location.

Enroute through the Tunnel the audience could encounter different sacred sounds from a single place (e.g. Seletar Reservoir) as they journey onwards. So I would treat each of the Tunnel’s sound sources (CD/speakers) as being an element of the wider soundscape present in the space, as opposed to being a separate, self-contained composition.

However, the DVD players used that night could only loop the entire CD (not single tracks). Also, we discovered that 1 pair of speakers were broken and one pair weren’t reachable! My preparations didn’t go to waste though, and I did manage to test out other ideas despite the lack of syncopation on the CDs and being 4 speakers down. After listening to the space, I think the psuedo surround idea has the potential to work really well.

Now testing is over and the technical side of the installation is more or less resolved I can concentrate on the work itself! Time is of the essence…


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