Re: Construction

One thing that is hard to ignore when soundwalking around Singapore’s is how commonplace the sounds of construction are. This dominant feature of Singapore’s soundscape is perhaps unavoidable. Due to the country’s size in relation to its level of growth (whether economic or in terms of population), there is a constant need for new developments.

In busier central areas, the sounds of construction are often heard alongside traffic, adding to the already dense sound environment:

In more residential settings (which often have a fair amount of greenery), construction sounds tend to mask the sounds of the living creatures residing in the trees:

Perhaps this could be seen as an example of how ‘urbanization has alienated many of us from nature’ (Westerkamp, 2002 p. 136).


Westerkamp, H. (2002) The Local and Global Language of Environmental Sound in: Sonic Geography Canada: Penumbra Press


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