Encountered 3 frogs on my way back home last night. I rushed to my house to collect my WAV recorder, then hurried back to the same location. (This is why you should always carry your recording device with you at all times!) Luckily, the frogs were still there, just beyond the plants:


3 Responses to “Frogs”

  1. Your simple creating doings fascinated me!!, as I love the sounds of Nature.
    I regard them as really a manifestation of God. The chirping of sparrows, the call of the cuckoo, the buzz of the bees, the rustle of leaves, the gurgling of the brooks, the roar of the waves in the ocean, the howl of the gale, clatter of thunder, why even the croak of a frog….

    • Thanks for your thoughts Mieko!

      To me the diversity of nature’s sounds are less a manifestation of God, and more an example of the beautiful variations of life which evolution has provided!

      • The existence of the nature is not the matter of less or more… to me.
        It is a different level of existence comparing the man’s world.
        We are consist of flesh and blood, so we need to fulfill with daily activities,
        especially with creative works which bring joy to our life.

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