What sounds from Singapore’s soundscape do you like and why?

1. hustle and bustle of variations of streets at night/dusk. peaceful and safe.

2. I like the soundscape from little india, feeling more organic and human in a way, where activities are living of it own path and rythm, foreign languages, vocal, less traffic, maybe once in a while loud noise and bizarre music by the street performer.

3. Birds’ chirping- coz it’ wonderful to hear them chirping so happily and interesting to decipher who is kaing what sounds…

4. the sound of hokkien cha-cha at a beer garden late at night. like maybe a place like beach road hawker centre or jalan berseh, those old places, maybe someone will put on one of those China/Taiwanese DVDs with ji pan ban on them (the song about what would you do if you won one million dollars). some weird displaced form of nostalgia for me i guess (i dont actually speak hokkien). or i perceive it to be nostalgic for a majority of older chinese singaporeans.

5. train announcements (to laugh at the fake accent)
ordering local food and drinks and addressing the hawker by “auntie” and “uncle” (quintessentially singaporean)

6. In the morning, car engines start up and various bird song. Nice combination of machine and natural sounds, one very strong and aggressive, the other is high pitch and fragile.

7. old people’s voices as they talk cos very often they arent empty loud noises, but soft and full of meaning the sound of the wind the sound of rain, esp heavy rain cos it is beautiful the many small sounds heard at a hdb flat kitchen window either very early in the morning or late in the evening very early morning street sounds … so different from the harsh grating noise of the day

8. sound of rain – therapeutic in a hot humid country like SG.

9. sound of the trees when wind blows…

10. sounds of rain drops…. gives nice cool feeling…

11. I like the night insects and wildlife that can be heard in occasional spots of nature. Also the horn for the trishaws around Little India that is the song from the film the ‘Godfather’, that always made me smile. All the Indian music played out from shops in Little India is fantastic, much better than other places in Singapore. Also, the Wayang Chinese songs at certain fesitvals during the year. Very special, nice thing to have in the street. The techno/karaoke versions can be so so loud at times, running through a whole neighbourhood.

12. The billions of birds in the trees in the evening, like at the Woodlands checkpoint, cos it’s this amazing raucous noise. – Mynah birds in the morning – that’s a sound that goes with the process of Singapore waking up – kopi tiams opening, the cool air warming up.

13. Birds singing

14. some of the busy sounds, of people interaction, of activities and of social energy (e.g. sounds of the wet market, school canteen during recess, local accented conversations during lunch hours at a restaurant in the CBD). They suggest liveliness, excitement and are energetic. They are also distinctly Singaporean.

15. I like the sound of nature! It gives me a very relaxed & peaceful feeling.

16. Sound of the wind and rain. Because These are peaceful and a cause for

17. Nothing really. Besides the rare chirping of birds in the morning which reminds me of

18. The sounds of a tropical thunderstorm when it happens! i like the crash of the thunder and the loud raindrops. loud but calming at the same time.


One Response to “What sounds from Singapore’s soundscape do you like and why?”

  1. Sounds of the rain. It really puts me in a state of serenity.

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