What sounds from Singapore’s soundscape do you dislike and why?

1. construction. scaffolding and etc. contributes to the diminishing of nature

2. i hate the noises from the re-construction of the city. drilling, hacking, loud heavy hammering, machine that pile the foundation, and so on. It deafing my hearing and sensitivity to other subtle soundscape in Singapore.

3. Singaporeans speaking singlish and singnese [singapore style chinese] in a very crude manner, usually telling people off or just being rude and insensitive.

4. car alarms and horns. the whooping bird that lives in a tree outside my window is disliked only when it sings during the wee hours and its otherwise moderately adorable OOK-WOOP warblings disturb my sleep.

5. vehicles’ horns, my mother’s nagging, crying children, giggling teenagers, shopping centre’s closing announcement

6. The sound of the dj’s on local radio. Meaningless and useless chatter.

7. traffic noises at busier areas – grating and relentless some people’s voices and way of talking – just loud and imperious and obnoxious and naturally ugly fake (and sometimes real) american accents the music on the radios esp 98.7 and 95 – all shit

8. singlish – although uniquely singaporean, it serves as a constant reminder that there are many out there who can’t speak proper english (grammatically correct). cars honking – indicating low tolerance and/or poor driving skills on others’ part

9. Humans voices

10. noisy food court.

11. Sounds of traffic. Pretty boring and regular to my ears. That and the pop music pouring out of shops in entertainment areas.

12. None really, most of its other sounds are fairly typical of any city.

13. Mechanical Road sweepers and air blowers for clearing fallen leaves and grass
cutters; extremely noisy

14. Construction sounds, road work sounds, excessive noise from the traffic. They are intrusive, disruptive to the ambience of the enivronment and ubiquitous.

15. Sound of construction. It drives me crazy

16. Loud strident voices

17. People talking loudly on the phone – interferes with my public space. Construction and vehicle noise pollution – makes me feel claustrophobic.

18. construction noise – no one likes construction noise!


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