Are there any sounds from Singapore that have special significance to you? If so, why?

1. The bell that rings at 12pm sharp every 1st day of the month. Symbolizes renewal of fate.

2. When living in Little india, i was merging in the rythm without knowing it until i left. It was added in my memory and it became so significance.

3. mixture of birds and construction and mrt sounds… that’s just seems to sum up singapore now….

4. civil defence air raid siren that is at 12 noon every single year on my birthday (15 sep). even when i lived abroad i asked a friend back in sg to record it and send it to me… i like to think of it as a birthday song i look forward to each year.

5. my friends and family

6. The national anthem. I keep hearing it in its original format even if its been remade. Also- the shout of ‘Merdeka!’ the recorded voice of LKY. The voices of the people.

7. rediffusion – reminds me of my grandma old chinese songs – reminds me of my parents and childhood sound of waves – reminds me of childhood early morning prayer calls from a mosque – reminds me of my schooling years when i stayed opposite a mosque. the calls were soft and beautiful

8. singlish – uniquely singaporean, i am after all singaporean. the distinctive sound of pedestrian crossing lights

9. wind charm… feel relaxed

10. the sound of the MRT door closing… “tu tu tu tu tu…” It’s very representational of Singapore.

11. The sound of certain insects, and birds have a particular significance. It being such a tropical place if you are in the right place they can be amazing. Also I guess, the construction sounds. Drilling! It can be so so loud in some parts, barely concealed behind a wall seperated from a public walkway. I’ve always been interested in drilling, the way the sound changes at it goes through different material in the ground.

12. See Q.2

13. No

14. sounds of a school’s morning assembly brings back memories of our school days and the nationalised education system. sounds of people chatting freely or uninhibited in public places reinforces to me the notion of an open society and of public spaces where we can air our views freely without worry of repercussions or need to conform to certain decorum

15. Sound of a woodpecker. It’s very special.

16. Nothing immediately springs to mind.

17. the karang guni’s toot – as this is uniquely Singaporean, the voice of the MRT lady – reminds me of home (Singapore)

18. clogs, on the wet market floor. sounds like it’s from another time, reminds me of my childhood.


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