What would you consider to be Singapore’s sacred sounds? Why are they sacred?

1. Nature. The value of it has been compromised in today’s social context.

2. Morning, a waking up sound. when the ritual india music started from the temple very early in the morning. the moment when human activity begins. And, that it was very short moment. unless a quiet sunday morning sound with little subtle background sound flying around, and majority of residents still sleeping.

3. birds chirping…..sacred to me just because i am elevated everytime i hear them and also a fear of them being driven away eventually if singapore gets overly urban.

4. i am not sure what i consider to be “sacred”. i am not a religious person (by choice). are religious sounds sacred? church bells? horns from an indian temple? from my understanding, if its sacred i suppose something has to be sacrificed for it to become the sacred. but i dont really know what i consider sacred sounds here

5. sacred is what can be found only in Singapore and I would think the tonality of our speech is sacred because nowhere else can you find English that sounds so flat, and yet accurately used. even when you travel overseas and find a fellow Singaporean, the first thing to take comfort/delight in is hearing that familiar way of Singaporean English…

6. I cannot think of any sacred sounds in Singapore.

7. sounds of nature… and nothing else. cos they are rare and true and eternal sacred music – chants of hindu temple, prayer calls int eh morning, hand held bells and minor key hymns in catholic church

8. singlish – only found in singapore

9. sound of insects… u cant get it in da city..

10. Sound of the National Anthem.. sacred.. sends chills down my spine, almost like a religious piece.

11. I suppose the sacred music would be the religious festivals. Hindu, Taoist or other religions. I love traditional music, it just happens alot of these traditional sounds are intimately tied to old spiritual practice thus making them ‘sacred’. The Chinese ‘gongs’ and drums, some of it features in the Wayang events also.. Are really special to Singapore I suppose.

12. The sounds of the activity at the wet markets, cos those are the sounds of human beings doing what human beings do – making the best of what they have, trying to better their lot, getting on with life.

13. Nil

14. sounds from schools, hawker centres, local supermarket, community spaces in the neighbourhood. they are representative of our society and community and signifies the focal points of our lives where we congregate as a community

15. “Ticking” sound in the temple.

16. Not in particular. Perhaps the very occasional sound of the cock crowing in the morning, because this brings to mind what Singapore isn’t anymore

17. the sound which comes frm (church?) bells every 1st day of the month at 12noon. The bells remind me of church bells which gives a comforting, (holy?) feel

18. not sure really. i wouldn’t say there is a particular sound that is sacred. silence in
singapore can be sacred, only because it’s so rare!


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