How would you describe Singapore’s soundscape (or sound environment)?

1. urban friendly

2. In little India, the ritual music from the temple, the language(tamil, tourist), indian pop music/bollywood music and immigrant labour cooking sound is interesting, until later more construction sound going around, but still not so bad comparing to Orchard road, or most condominium, where too much renovations and new constructions going on,, noises from the mobile traffic, human traffic, drilling , hacking almost all over the residential area, which is very disturbing.

3. peppered with construction related noises, or car/vehicle related-eg alarm, remote control doors, traffic noise and birds chirping.

4. cacophonous. like a low heavy (but not bassy) buzz.

5. boisterous, busy, crowded, energetic

6. Car engines, bird song in estates. Piling, car engines in public road. Ring tone, CPU tone and chatter in offices. Digital sound signal tone in public enclosed spaces.

7. Very diverse very loud, grating, often industrial and metallic in the CBD and orchard area. Full of the call of crows and sound of traffic in some of the bigger hdb estates.

8. eclectic — actually i’ve never thought about it much

9. Messy.. Construction, Car, Naturel all in 1..

10. “tu tu tu tu tu…..”

11. Very full. Incessant. A typical city in other words.

12. Urban, chaotic, noisy in the city centre; peaceful, soporific in residential areas; full of cicadas in the jungles.

13. Noisy

14. Full of urban, busy, routinised, business-like sounds (e.g. sounds of daily hustle and bustle). Quiet spaces and sounds of people having fun are rare.

15. It’s quite conducive as there are not much construction going on.

16. Full of chatter and orderly traffic

17. Urbanised. (w mainly noise frm vehicles, construction, people’s voices, shuffling of feet, phone’s ringing, traffic lights buzzing)

18. Chaotic, mixture of nature sounds and construction noise

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