If you could add any sounds to Singapore’s soundscape, what would they be and why?

1. of medieval european museums. it’d be interesting to conceptualize it into the multi racial society of singapore.

2. water and tree,,add some nature sound in the city than just remain in the suburban.

3. i won’t add any other sounds to singapore’s soundscape. it’s what it is – just honest. it reflects what it’s going through at the moment.

4. more spoken announcements. i would like to see how they might be articulated. like i always imagine that buses should announce their location like the london buses do. but then in singapore they’d have to say it in all the languages. which i like. and then i try to imagine if the name relates to the place. well its another marker for the memory. but anyway why not? they do it on the trains… it adds another dimension i feel.

5. more music everywhere, buskers and free performers on the streets.

6. I think I would rather remove than add.There is enough sounds in this world already.

7. sounds of quiet more souinds of nature abit more music

8. more greenery and hence nature sounds (i live near botanic gardens and visit it once in awhile and the sounds of nature can be quite therapeutic)

9. definately the sound of nature

10. sounds of water

11. More nature sounds.

12. Nothing specific, let it evolve naturally.

13. Nil

14. More quietness, more sounds of happy people, more mixture of people speaking in different languages and dialects, accents in public spaces

15. Music!

16. More music
17. more classical music (buskers) along the streets! 🙂

18. buskers who can actually play decent music! it would be fab.

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