If you could remove any sounds from Singapore’s soundscape, what would they be and why?

1. Construction.Fast developing of urban architecture buildings that are set to surpass the growth of nature.

2. stop building more malls, that would help to reduce the bad soundscape.

3. Refer to point3. my most unfavourite sounds- coz hey reflect really badly on singapore…really… just pure unpleasantness- we have enough of that in the world already.

4. the sound of mundanity. i have decided radio talk shows are a generic sound in any case, no matter what language it is in, you can tell when its mundane chatter. i guess living here for too long makes one bored of these sounds, but then if you’d been abroad for a long while you might yearn for the mundane simple sounds of home again. actually maybe i wouldn’t remove any sounds; i wouldn’t need to censor any sounds, it should just be as it is.

5. see *3

6. The sound of the radio dj talking. Much talk about nothing?

7. – the sounds of the bigscreen ads in orchard rd cos they are very loud – the music that blares loudly from public speakers along orchard road cos it sucks – certain voices in the office cos they grate

8. the sound of construction – disruptive more often than not. we’re always digging and
building and digging and building!

9. sound if vehicles.. its everywhere… no peace

10. noisy food court.

11. Sounds of traffic. Sounds of pop music in shops.

12. Nah leave them all there, the more varied the better.

13. Item 3 above

14. I will not remove any sounds, but rather reduce sounds of traffic, construction works, industrial sounds.

15. Construction sound. Its annoying.

16. I wouldn’t remove sounds, only dampen the volume. Perhaps the incessant repetition of one piano phrase that my neighbour repeats tirelessly

17. construction noise! Doesn’t add value to quality of life

18. construction noise? but it’s a huge part of what singapore is, so it would be inaccurate.

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