If you had to conserve certain Singapore sounds for future generations what would they be and why?

1. the ethnic traditional rituals that are highly sacred and ought to be retained through the passage of time.

2. less concrete, more nature, and allow some old part, old building, of the city remain as it is. Let the human own cultural behavior and activities build it own song for the city.

3. apart from birds,construction sounds, i will conserve the calling out of veg/butcher / hawkers in market and the rag-n-bone man who makes his rounds in hdb flats.

4. coffee shop sounds. sweeping. school bells. sound of people living.

5. see *2

6. Songs of local / dialect languages as well as locally produced music from post independence because songs and music dictate lifestyle and expression of the people of a certain time.

7. the sounds of nature the sounds of old sacred music (not the new-age commercial protestant pop music) – real, authentic traditional music from the old religions, hindusim, buddhism, catholicism, judaism, sikhism, islam etc

8. I guess Singlish, despite my earlier response. it’s a uniquely singaporean identity and without it, we would be like any other country

9. sound rewinding of cassette tapes… many kids hv not seen cassette tapes before..

10. None. Nothing worth conserving… yet.

11. The religious, ‘sacred’ sounds, that emerge from all the various events and festivals. The sort of things that will dissapear in time possibly. Chanting, processions, traditional theatre etc..

12. The wet market sounds, see Q.5

13. Nil

14. sounds of the community, urban streetscape, so that future generations could hear how it is like walking down orchard road, moving around the community, mealtimes, carrying out of daily activities

15. –

16. Icecream bell, karung guni truck honks. Endangered sounds of childhood.

17. old-school ice-cream bells – we don’t get them anymore…and they bring much happiness!

18. sounds of the karung guni man, and of the ice cream bicycles and the chimes. reflective of happier simplier times


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