Test: Level B2

My long search for flexible, reflective material is finally over! I will be using metalized plastic film, which I acquired from Singtai (Singapore), to wrap around the pillars. Since it’s light weight, affixing it to the pillar is not a problem. As you can see below (in the first image), when doubled up it can act like a mirror.

When used as a single layer the film it still retains some of it’s reflective quality (e.g. you can see your self in it), but it’s also is slightly transparent. This means any images I project will still be visible on the surface underneath it (in this test I used thin white paper beneath the film). As you can see below it creates interesting, organic light refractions. I will utilize this within my final approach to the space by hanging thin white paper along the length of the Tunnel to capture these ethereal forms.

With the start of the exhibition looming, I still have a lot to do (as usual!), but am confident it will all work out as planned. I will make updates to the blog whenever possible, but it’ll probably be less frequent than previous weeks. Once the shows up and running I intend to keep blogging, so stay tuned!


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