Final Ideas; The Sanctum of Sacred Sounds

I’m currently finalising my approach to the space, solidifying my concept and finishing off my audio-visual composition.

The tunnel will be transformed into a sanctum for Singapore’s sacred sounds and music, a place where these sounds can exist unrestrained from the impact of urbanism. The Sanctum itself exists somewhere off the shores of Singapore, beneath the waves, below the threshold of Singapore’s aural consciousness…

A framed ear placed at either end of the tunnel (one left ear, one right ear), introduces The Sanctum to those that wish to enter. The glass which covers the framed ear is smashed and sand trickles out of it, leading us into the space…

Within the central part of The Sanctum there stands three banyan trees, acting as both the home and protector of the sacred sounds…

“banyan tree study 14″ (charcoal on paper, digitally inverted)

– copyright of BZTM

Within The Sanctum time itself is skewed; an hour in our world becomes a minute in that of The Sanctum, allowing the listener to experience a day’s cycle in what we perceive as a shorter amount of time…


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