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How things developed

Posted in Ideas & Experimentation on March 30, 2010 by bztm

Here I have documented how the ideas for my installation progressed both spatially and conceptually, through experimentation and testing. You will also find a few of my drawings, which I used within the final composition.


Banyan Tree Studies 2

Posted in Ideas & Experimentation on March 29, 2010 by bztm

Here are a few more banyan tree drawings using charcoal:

“banyan tree study 4” (charcoal on paper, digitally inverted)

– copyright of BZTM

“banyan tree study 13” (charcoal on paper, digitally inverted)

– copyright of BZTM

Final Ideas; The Sanctum of Sacred Sounds

Posted in Ideas & Experimentation on March 25, 2010 by bztm

I’m currently finalising my approach to the space, solidifying my concept and finishing off my audio-visual composition.

The tunnel will be transformed into a sanctum for Singapore’s sacred sounds and music, a place where these sounds can exist unrestrained from the impact of urbanism. The Sanctum itself exists somewhere off the shores of Singapore, beneath the waves, below the threshold of Singapore’s aural consciousness…

A framed ear placed at either end of the tunnel (one left ear, one right ear), introduces The Sanctum to those that wish to enter. The glass which covers the framed ear is smashed and sand trickles out of it, leading us into the space…

Within the central part of The Sanctum there stands three banyan trees, acting as both the home and protector of the sacred sounds…

“banyan tree study 14″ (charcoal on paper, digitally inverted)

– copyright of BZTM

Within The Sanctum time itself is skewed; an hour in our world becomes a minute in that of The Sanctum, allowing the listener to experience a day’s cycle in what we perceive as a shorter amount of time…

Test: Level B2

Posted in Ideas & Experimentation on March 22, 2010 by bztm

My long search for flexible, reflective material is finally over! I will be using metalized plastic film, which I acquired from Singtai (Singapore), to wrap around the pillars. Since it’s light weight, affixing it to the pillar is not a problem. As you can see below (in the first image), when doubled up it can act like a mirror.

When used as a single layer the film it still retains some of it’s reflective quality (e.g. you can see your self in it), but it’s also is slightly transparent. This means any images I project will still be visible on the surface underneath it (in this test I used thin white paper beneath the film). As you can see below it creates interesting, organic light refractions. I will utilize this within my final approach to the space by hanging thin white paper along the length of the Tunnel to capture these ethereal forms.

With the start of the exhibition looming, I still have a lot to do (as usual!), but am confident it will all work out as planned. I will make updates to the blog whenever possible, but it’ll probably be less frequent than previous weeks. Once the shows up and running I intend to keep blogging, so stay tuned!

Visual Score (Part One)

Posted in Ideas & Experimentation on March 15, 2010 by bztm

Part of my process involves creating visual scores to help realise potential structural, dynamic and transformative elements of my sound compositions. I use these as reference when composing.

Banyan Tree Studies

Posted in Ideas & Experimentation on March 12, 2010 by bztm

I spent a few hours today drawing in the Potong Pasir park. I will continue to make more studies to use in my final work.

“banyan tree study 3” (pencil on paper, digitally inverted) – copyright of BZTM

“banyan tree study 2” (pen on paper, digitally inverted) – copyright of BZTM

Other ideas

Posted in Ideas & Experimentation on March 10, 2010 by bztm

1. Since the projection spill won’t reach the wall at the start of the Tunnel, I thought the work could begin slightly further down. This could be signified by creating some kind of ‘entrance’ or gateway in to the main section.

2. To add more texture and depth to the pillars, I’ve considered creating a nature relief to be affixed to the pillars surface. I would use elements of nature collected from the environment (leaves, twigs, branches, etc), and attach them to chicken wire. This would then be painted completely white (to reflect the projector light), and then be wrapped around the pillar during the set up. I like how this idea will utilize both real and simulated versions of nature.

3. This sketch represents adding more of a temporal element to the concept of the work. The space could be divided up in to three sections – past, present and future soundscapes.